Ascent's Technical Artist will help the simulation team in create virtual worlds for learning agents. We create intelligence for robotics and throughout this process we need virtual environments where we can test our learning algorithms and robot platforms rather than release them in the real world risking to hurt people and damage things. Specifically, we're harnessing Unreal Engine 4 to build this simulated world and we're looking for people who are comfortable in creating realistic environments and materials, while also being able to add their own spice to 3D data visualization.

As a member of the Engineering Team, you'll work closely with 3D Engine Engineers, Software Engineers and researchers on our diverse and stimulating range of projects including: designing robotic architectures, developing cutting edge algorithms, and prototyping new applications. Your task will be to provide a virtual playground for these systems that will help us not only to generate large amount of simulated data but also to test our algorithms before we deploy them into the real world.

At Ascent we are creating a passionate and engaging culture, combining the best of academia and product-led environments, providing a balance of structure and flexibility. Our approach encourages collaboration across all groups within the team, leading to creativity and innovative breakthroughs at the forefront of robotics.


  • Assist in the creation of complex assets and/or prototypes
  • Design and create all aspects of a 3D environment including lighting volumes, weather effects, level triggers, etc.
  • Maintain, manage, and support the team’s 3D tools
  • Collaborate with the software engineering team to advance the state of real-time rendered immersive experiences, striving for highest possible visual fidelity while ensuring optimal performance.
  • Standardize and improve development processes for production of assets, materials, shaders, LODs, asset streaming, collisions, and interactions.


  • At least 1 year of experience in the industry or sufficient demonstration of skillset. Strong art skills with experience of modeling, texturing, animation, & lighting for games.
  • Strong understanding of rendering and shaders.
  • Working knowledge of concepts in digital 2D/3D, both in content creation and in engine.
  • A 3D generalist with a solid understanding of 3D engines, Photoshop, and other DCC tools.
  • A solid understanding of Unreal 4 including Blueprint, component, and general game design experience.
  • Proficient with profiling tools in the examination & diagnosis of performance issues
  • Tech-fluency in at least one development language, such as Python, MEL, C# or C++


  • Artist tool creation using Python (or similar scripting language) in tandem with DCC SDKs and APIs.
  • Have shipped a AAA PC or console game as a technical artist.
  • FX knowledge (particle systems, dynamics, animated materials, attachments, etc.)
  • Experience working with UE scripting and workflows including physically-based rendering, materials, & real-time lighting
  • In-depth knowledge of real-time shader implementations, limitations of shaders in VR, strong understanding of PBR pipelines, and subsurface shaders
  • Experienced in the development, authoring & organization of efficient materials via the UE4 material editor
  • Experience with one or more of the following: Substance Designer / Painter, Zbrush or Mudbox, Houdini, Mari
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning fundamentals


Please send us your portfolio along with your application to this position.


Self-development support, expenses for trips to AI events and gym membership will be provided as benefits.

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